Why Jamel Murray’s Last second shot was a bad career move

Jamel Murray is living the dream life, recently dropping 48 on the title contending Boston Celtics. The Denver Nuggets were up 115 to 107 with the ball being taken over half court and formalities beginning for the closure of the game. With only a few seconds remaining, Murray had a screen set and shot a 35 foot jumper in the attempt to get to his maiden 50 point game. On a player driven league where respect among players is everything, this little incident will escalate to a point where Murray is known as a player with little respect for teams and can potentially tank his year if not his career.


Firstly, congratulations to Jamel Murray for scoring 48 points. It is a monster effort that so many players will never achieve. Unfortunately, this achievement will be forever overshadowed by his last second 50 attempt. In a respect driven league, respect from your peers is everything. Look at Derrick Rose’s recent 50 point game as an example. People from all around the league were flowing with emotions on his effort and it will be one to be remembered. Now the emotions for Rose were far different to Murray but that is because Rose commands respect with what he has achieved. If a young player drops 48, that should be a time for congratulations from players around the league but unfortunately due to Murray’s actions, the opposite reaction has occurred. The disrespect comment has originated from Kyrie Irving. Irving is one of the premier players in the league and someone who’s good side you should try to be on. This will and has started a chain event of Instagram posts and quotes about the disrespect shown and how it will start to create a trend for Murray’s career. If you look through your Instagram feed, it will either consist of Miles Bridges’ dunk or Kyrie calling out Murray.


This also puts a target on Murray’s head. Think how many players went after Lonzo Ball when he first entered the league as it was perceived that his family, particularly LaVar, had no respect for the league and its players. Players went out of their way to make life hard for him, playing full court defence on his will attacking him and calling him out on his mistakes. It will be all over the league talk shows, essentially painting Murray as a player who’s every move will be scrutinized for at least the next few months. This is not something a young player on a developing team needs with the biggest assistance to his career being praise from his peers rather than backlash for his every mistake.


Lastly, these are the actions of a boy, rather than a man. Respect is earned, not given and any player in the NBA wants to have the respect of his peers. You achieve this by doing things like dropping 48 and showing respect to the opposing team, especially when they have a player like Kyrie who has won a Championship and should be a player that Murray is striving to be rather than a foe. It is not an easy thing to overcome, being disrespectable in a manner like such to an established team and Murray will have to do a lot to overcome this error.


We definitely do not want to see someone who has a good potential like Murray in a team that is on track to succeed to have a fall from grace due to a young man’s action. If Murray can come out and apologize rather than excuse his actions, he’ll see this issue blow over before it becomes a storm but otherwise he may be in for a rocky road ahead.

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